Look Both Ways (2005)

Justine Clarke plays artist Meryl Lee

Look Both Ways on IMDB

The film charts the stories of several people over a hot summer weekend in Adelaide. Photojournalist Nick (William McInnes) (based on the fictional character Chris Vassilopoulos) discovers he has testicular cancer that has spread to his lungs. On his way home he goes to the site of a train accident to report on it, and meets Meryl (Justine Clarke) an emotionally vulnerable artist, who has witnessed a man get run over by a train. Over the course of the weekend, their relationship develops sexually as another chance encounter allows them to discover more about each other; the two gradually allow themselves to let go of their fears and form a meaningful relationship.
Meanwhile, Nick's colleague, Andy Walker, has to deal with the news that his estranged girlfriend, Anna, is pregnant, made more difficult because neither of them really wanted or planned for a baby. Andy also has to cope with his ex-wife, who doesn't trust his ability to take good care of his two children. The lives of Julia (the partner of the man run over by the train) and the driver of the train are explored: Both characters are shown going through the seven stages of grief. The train driver bridges the gap with his estranged teenage son during the course of the movie. The rain at the end of the film symbolizes relief.
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Scissors (1991)

Steve Railsback plays artist Cole Morgan

Scissors on IMDB

The plot centers around the life of Angela Anderson (Stone), a sexually repressed woman in her mid twenties. The film begins with Angela buying a pair of large scissors from a hardware shop. On her way home she is attacked in the lift of her apartment block by a red bearded man, who she stabs with the scissors in self-defense. Immediately after the attack Angela is found by the twin brothers (Railsback) who live next door to her. The first brother Alex is the star of a successful soap opera, whilst the other Cole is a wheelchair-using artist. As the film progresses an attraction develops between Angela and Alex, which is constantly restrained by Angela's sexual repression. Hypnotherapy sessions with her psychiatrist Dr Steven Carter (Cox) reveal a red bearded man named Billy in Angela's past, a startling coincidence to her recent attack.
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Bongwater (1997)

Luke Wilson plays artist David

Bongwater on IMDB

The plot centers on a lazy pot dealer (Wilson) who is a painter with little to no aspirations. He meets a quirky, beautiful, free-spirited girl (Witt), who turns his life around, and not always for the good. He manages to get her out of his life when she moves to New York, but he can't get her off his mind. The movie also follows her adventures in New York City where she hooks up with a gun-toting rock star (Jamie Kennedy).
The movie features the Tenacious D song, "Jesus Ranch", performed by Jack Black's character, Devlin, an acid-head buddy of Wilson.
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The Order aka The Sin Eater (2003)

Shannyn Sossamon plays artist Mara Sinclair

The Order on IMDB

The film's premise is that there is another way to heaven than adherence to the practices of the Roman Catholic Church. A secular Sin Eater can remove all taint of sin, no matter how foul, from the soul just before death. The purified soul can then ascend into heaven. The Roman Catholic Church, according to the film, considers this heresy.
Heath Ledger plays an unhappy and disillusioned priest, Alex Bernier, whose religious order, the Carolingians, specializes in fighting demons and other hell spawn. Father Dominic, the head of the Carolingians, has died in Rome under suspicious circumstances and Alex leaves the USA to investigate. In Rome, Alex visits the morgue and sees strange markings on Dominic's corpse. After some investigation, he comes across a book that explains the markings as being the sign of a Sin Eater's work. He heads to the Vatican, where an official tells him that Sin Eaters don't exist and that Dominic may not be buried on sacred ground because he had been excommunicated for his beliefs. Alex, moving ever farther from his vocation, defies his superiors and secretly reads a holy service over the body and buries Dominic in the Carolingian cemetery (the service takes place off screen but is referred to later).
Thomas Garrett, another Carolingian (there seem to have only been a total of three including Dominic), arrives in Rome to help investigate Dominic's death.
Early in the film we meet Mara Sinclair, an artist Alex once exorcised, who has escaped from a mental hospital and come to Alex at his church in the USA because she has a feeling that something terrible is going to happen to him. The police come looking for her, but Alex lies and denies that he's seen her and through this exchange we learn that Mara was in the hospital because she had tried to kill Alex during the exorcism. Mara goes to Rome with Alex after promising that she won't try to kill him again.
Cardinal Driscoll (Peter Weller), who is introduced at the beginning of the film and who is tipped to be the next Pope, arrives in Rome from the USA and gives Alex a special dagger. According to a fragment of parchment Alex and Thomas find among Dominic's books, the dagger is to be plunged into the Sin Eater while reciting a text in Aramaic. Alex and Thomas take these instructions to mean that the dagger and incantation will kill the Sin Eater and they begin hunting for the Sin Eater and the remainder of the parchment instructions.
Thomas leads Alex to a nightclub where they are taken to the underground base of operations of a masked man called Chirac, the 'Black Pope.' The Black Pope owes a favor to Thomas and Alex asks where to find the Sin Eater. The Black Pope then hangs three people and tells Alex to ask his question of the dying men who can see what the living cannot. One of the dying tells Alex a riddle that leads to a rendezvous with the Sin Eater.
On the way out of the Black Pope's headquarters, demons attack and injure Thomas, but Alex saves him and gets him to a hospital.
Alex leaves Thomas in the hospital and meets the Sin Eater, William Eden, at St. Peter's Cathedral who explains that he has been a Sin Eater for centuries, taking over for an earlier Sin Eater (a Carolingian priest) who ate the sins of Eden's brother. Eden is very charismatic and talks with Alex about the priest's desires, and Alex admits he wants Mara. He then goes and presumably tells Mara this, and they make love. Afterward, Alex leaves Mara asleep and goes to Eden, who tells Alex that he is tired and ready to die and asks Alex to take his place. Alex has the dagger with him, but is curious and so doesn't use it to kill Eden. Instead, he assists Eden with a sin eating ritual. But in the end, Alex refuses Eden's offer because he has decided to leave the priesthood to be with Mara.
Later Alex returns to their lodgings and finds Mara near death, an apparent suicide. In actuality, Eden slit her wrists and left her for Alex to find. Mara is beyond medical help and Alex quickly performs the sin eating ritual so that she can go to heaven. After absorbing Mara's sins, though, Alex sees that there is no sin of suicide on Mara's conscience and realizes Eden's deception. Alex goes after Eden to kill him.
The rationale that leads Alex to perform the sin eating ritual instead of giving Mara Roman Catholic Last Rites is that Alex has already made the decision to leave the priesthood to be with Mara and he has broken his vows of obedience and of sexual abstinence. He therefore considers himself ineligible to offer Mara Last Rites.
Meanwhile, the injured Thomas is out of the hospital and goes to see the Black Pope who reveals himself to be Cardinal Driscoll. Driscoll shows Thomas the second half of the parchment which instead of being instructions on how to kill a Sin Eater is actually instructions on how to become a Sin Eater. The entirety of Alex's and Mara's lives have been a plot among Dominic, Eden and Driscoll to entrap Alex. Eden wants to die, Driscoll wants to be Pope and Dominic wanted the financial resources to pursue arcane knowledge.
Driscoll prevents Thomas from leaving to warn Alex.
Alex cannot find Eden and returns to the Black Pope to learn where Eden is. The Black Pope (face hidden) tells Alex again to ask the dying. Alex recognizes that Thomas is the man being hanged, and frees him using a pistol. However, Thomas's throat is too injured by the noose to tell Alex the truth of the parchment.
Alex finds Eden and stabs him with the dagger while reciting the incantation. He quickly realizes what is actually happening but it is too late, Eden's powers are transferred to Alex, and Eden, happy to be free of his burden of the sins of others, dies. In the mean time, St. Peter's Basilica in Rome crumbles around them.
Thomas, who arrives at the scene too late to prevent the transfer, vows he will find a way to save Alex, even if it means killing him.
Alex informs the church about Driscoll's activities and Driscoll is ruined. Driscoll then decides to kill himself and calls on the Sin Eater, now Alex, to remove his sins. Driscoll slits his wrists and when he is near death, Alex tells him that he knows that Eden and Driscoll caused Mara's death. Alex does not eat Driscoll's sins but forces them down Driscoll's throat. Driscoll dies a painful death and presumably goes straight to hell.
The Sin Eater William Eden used his power to accumulate wealth. The Sin Eater Alex Bernier decides to act as a power for good, saving only those who deserve it and allowing evildoers to die in sin.
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Innocents in Paris (1953)

Margaret Rutherford plays artist Gwladys Inglott

Innocents in Paris on IMDB

The film is a mild romantic comedy about a group of Britons flying out for a weekend in Paris in 1953. The character played by Margaret Rutherford is an amateur artist searching out the Mona Lisa in the Louvre; Claire Bloom is a young girl who finds romance with an older Frenchman (Claude Dauphin); Ronald Shiner is a military bandsman out on the tiles for the night; James Copeland is an archetypal Scotsman in kilt and tam o'shanter who finds love with a young French girl; Jimmy Edwards plays a hearty Englishman who spends the entire weekend in an English-style pub; and Alastair Sim is a diplomatist, trying to obtain a signed agreement with his Russian counterpart (Peter Illing).
The writer and producer was Anatole de Grunwald, born in Russia in 1910, who fled to Britain with his parents in 1917. He had a long career there as a writer and producer, including the films The Way to the Stars, The Winslow Boy, Doctor's Dilemma, Libel, and The Yellow Rolls Royce.
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Oil on Water (2007)

St. John Alexander plays artist Max

Oil on Water on IMDB

A loving young creative couple, Max and Anna, experience inexplicable difficulties which tears their relationship apart.


Les amants du Pont-Neuf (1991)

Juliette Binoche plays artist Michèle Stalens

Prime on IMDB

Set around the Pont Neuf, Paris's oldest bridge, while it was closed for repairs, Les Amants du Pont-Neuf depicts a love story between two young vagrants. Alex, a street performer addicted to alcohol and sedatives and Michèle, a painter driven to a life on the streets because of a failed relationship and a disease which is slowly destroying her sight. The film portrays their harsh existence living on the bridge with Hans, an older vagrant. As her vision deteriorates Michèle becomes increasingly dependent on Alex. When a possible treatment becomes available, Michèle's family use street posters and radio appeals to trace her. Fearing that she will leave him if she receives the treatment, Alex tries to keep Michèle from becoming aware of her family's attempts to find her. The streets, skies and waterways of Paris are used as a backdrop for the story in a series of set-pieces set during the French Bicentennial celebrations in 1989.
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Man of the Century (1999)

Yul Vazquez plays the Brooding Artist

Man of the Century on IMDB

Man of the Century is a 1999 comedy film directed by Adam Abraham and written by Abraham and Gibson Frazier. The film stars Frazier, Cara Buono, Susan Egan, and Anthony Rapp. It is a farce about the attitudes, values, and slang displayed in the popular culture of the 1920s (and, to some extent, the early 1930s). Man of the Century was filmed in black and white. Its working title was "Johnny Twennies".
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Wise Girl (1937)

Ray Milland plays artist John O'Halloran (painter)
Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams plays artist Mike Malloy (the sculptor / boxer)
Walter Abel plays artist Karl Stevens (painter)

Wise Girl on IMDB

When her sister dies a rich society girl goes to Greenwich Village in search of her sister's orphaned children. When she arrives she finds the children living with their uncle, artist John O'Halloran.


The Ghost And Mrs Muir (1947)

George Sanders plays writer and artist Miles Fairley who paints Mrs Muir in her bikini on the beach

The Ghost And Mrs Muir on IMDB

In early 1900s England, Lucy Muir (Gene Tierney), a young widow, moves to the seaside village of Whitecliff and into Gull Cottage with her daughter Anna (Natalie Wood) and her maid Martha (Edna Best), despite the fierce disapproval of her mother- and sister-in-law. She rents the house despite rumours the house is haunted, which she doesn't believe are true. On that night, she is visited by the ghostly apparition of the former owner, a roguish sea captain named Daniel Gregg (Rex Harrison), who reluctantly promises to make himself known only to her; Anna is too young for ghosts. When Lucy's source of investment income dries up, he dictates to her his memoirs, entitled Blood and Swash. His racy recollections make the book a bestseller, allowing Lucy to stay in the house. During the course of writing the book, they fall in love, but as both realise it is a hopeless situation, Daniel tells her she should find a real (live) man.
When she visits the publisher in London, she becomes attracted to suave Miles Fairley (George Sanders), a writer of children's stories known as "Uncle Neddy" who helps her obtain an interview. Despite a rocky beginning, the publisher agrees to publish the captain's book. Fairley follows her back to Whitecliff and begins a whirlwind courtship. Captain Gregg, initially jealous of their relationship, decides finally to disappear and cease being an obstacle to her happiness. He ends their relationship and convinces her that he was all a dream whilst she sleeps. Shortly thereafter while visiting her publisher in London (the book has become a smash hit), Lucy pays a surprise visit to Fairley's home and discovers that not only is Miles already married with two children, but that this sort of thing has happened before with other women. Lucy leaves heartbroken and returns to spend the rest of her life as a single woman in Gull Cottage with Martha to look after her.
About ten years later, Anna (Vanessa Brown) returns to the cottage with her Navy Lieutenant fiancee and tells her mother that she knew about Captain Gregg and Miles Fairley all the time, rekindling faint memories in her mother of the captain (we also learn that Miles Fairley has become fat and bald and that his wife and children finally left him).
After a long peaceful life spent at the cottage, Lucy dies. Captain Gregg appears before her at the moment of her death – reaching out, he lifts her young spirit free of her dead body. The two walk out of the front door arm in arm, into the mist. She is finally united with her captain.
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Error in Judgment (1998)

Sung Hi Lee plays artist Toni

Error in Judgment from Mike Mickens on Vimeo.

Error in Judgment on IMDB

Liz, an analyst introduces her husband, the owner of an art gallery, to an attractive female artist suffering from severe depression and thoughts of suicide. Before long, she begins to suspect that her husband may be having an affair with the painter, but after she hires a detective to keep tabs on them, Liz begins to suspect that infidelity may be the least of her problems.


The Battle of Shaker Heights (2003)

Kathleen Quinlan plays artist Eve
Amy Smart plays artist Tabby

The Battle of Shaker Heights on IMDB

The plot revolves around Kelly Ernswiler (Shia LaBeouf), a young war reenactment enthusiast, who works at his local store with love interest Sarah (Shiri Appleby) and his friend, Bart Bowland (Elden Henson) as they use military strategy against a high school bully (Billy Kay). Kelly's father Abe (William Sadler) works with drug addicts, being clean himself for over 5 years, which is scorned by an angry Kelly, who, when told this, replies, "So what? I've been clean the whole time." His mother Eve (Kathleen Quinlan) is a commercial artist who works out of their garage, who is desperate for Kelly to forgive his father. When confronted as to when he is going to forgive him, Kelly replies, "I'll forgive him when I can go to college. But I can't, can I, because he used all my college fund to buy Mexican Black Tar." Kelly is furious at his father for the torture he put him through.
At the same time, Kelly attempts to woo Bart's older sister Tabby (Amy Smart), even though she's set to get married to Miner, a handsome businessman. Kelly becomes a regular at Bart's house, being over for dinner often, and he impresses Bart's father Harrison (Ray Wise) with their common fondness for war memorabilia, and Bart's mother by complimenting her on her flowers, and he often talks to Tabby in her workshop, pretending to know about painting in order to impress her after bluffing his way through conversation they had in an art store where he was collecting supplies for his mother.
During this time, Sarah asks him to go to an Aerosmith concert, which she has a spare ticket for, telling him it would be good for him to get out more. When he bluntly makes it clear that he knows it would be a date, he tells her he is seeing someone else, obviously meaning Tabby.
Before Kelly and Bart perform their plan for humiliation of the bully, Bart makes it clear to Kelly that he knows he has "his own agenda", at which Kelly is insulted and angry, and Bart displaces it as "pre-mission nervous energy". They recreate an invasion on the street where the bully lives and drag him out of the house pointing guns at him and shouting at him with German accents. They videotape the whole thing and he urinates out of fear.
Afterwards the boys are drinking whiskey at Bart's house and Bart passes out in a chair by the fire. Kelly makes to go home and goes to the workshop to say goodbye to Tabby. He walks in on her crying, as she now thinks the marriage will be off and goes to comfort her, and they kiss.
As Kelly is leaving, Bart sees him and is furious as he knew he was in the workshop. The next day, as Kelly is on a set for a war programme that Bart got them in, Bart hasn't turned up. Kelly is cast in a role to be a jeep driver and when his cue is called, Bart turns up out of the bushes and confronts him about Tabby. Kelly denies it at first and then becomes speechless. As he is about to drive for his cue, Bart attacks him in the jeep and they make a mess of the set.
The next day, Abe is taken into care again for relapsing and Kelly is emotionless. He goes to the wedding the same day, only to have an annoyed Bart tell him that he can't let him in. He sneaks into Tabby's limo before it pulls in and he talks to her, and it is a moment in which he finally realises he must grow up. He gets out of the car and everyone at the wedding sees him and are all confused. He goes round the back of the church to get his bike and leave and meets Minor again, who has no idea of what happened with Kelly and Tabby, and is civil towards him.
Kelly cycles to the clinic where his father is staying and is surprised. They begin to watch television and his mother walks in and is surprised and happy to see Kelly.
In the ending scenes, it shows the voicemail message where Kelly apologises to the Bowlands for his behaviour and asks Bart if he will meet him where he will be selling all his old memorabilia, and gives a hat Bart acquired for him back. He is shown walking down the street with Sarah and they hold hands. Kellys sees the bully again on his lawn where they faked the invasion, and goes over to him and confesses, only to be punched in the jaw. The film ends with Kelly lying on the lawn, holding his bruised jaw saying,"I deserved it".
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Irresistible (2006)

Susan Sarandon plays artist Sophie Hartley

Irresistible on IMDB

Sophie Hartley is convinced that someone is trying to steal her children, her husband: her life. Forced to prove her sanity, Sophie fights back and makes a discovery more shocking than her worst fear.

Sophie Hartley is a successful illustrator. A deadline looms and Sophie is terrified of failure and the pressure to reveal a secret from her past.

To make matters worse, things aren't going well with her husband Craig. When Sophie becomes convinced that she's being stalked by one of Craig's co-workers - a beautiful, highly competent assistant, Mara Toufiey - no one believes her.

Sophie's life begins to fall apart. She feels she's being watched, followed, copied. Things go missing in the house - her daughters' toys, family photographs, even her favourite dress...

Sophie tries to fend off paranoia, but it is clear to her that Mara is trying to steal her husband, her daughters, her life.

In the cat and mouse game of obsession that ensues, Sophie crosses the boundaries of acceptable behaviour. Mara takes out a court order against her. Now Sophie is forced to become a stalker.

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Dishonored Lady (1947)

Hedy Lamarr plays artist Madeleine Damien

Dishonored Lady on IMDB

watch full movie here

Dishonored Lady (1947) is a film starring Hedy Lamarr, Dennis O'Keefe, John Loder, William Lundigan, and Natalie Schafer, directed by Robert Stevenson, and released by United Artists. The film is based on the play Dishonored Lady (1930) by Edward Sheldon and Margaret Ayer Barnes.
In 1936, a US Federal Court said that the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film Letty Lynton (1932), based on a novel by Marie Adelaide Belloc Lowndes, also plagiarized the Sheldon-Barnes play Dishonored Lady. This has resulted in Letty Lynton being out of distribution since 1936.
The film is also known as Sins of Madeleine.
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Môjû aka Blind Beast 1969

Eiji Funakosh plays artist Michio

Môjû aka Blind Beast on IMDB

Based on a story by based on a story by Edogawa Rampo. A blind sculptor and his mother kidnap a model and bring her back to the secluded farmhouse they live in. The sculptor is set on making the perfect statue. One room in the farmhouse is filled with the sculptors tributes to the female form.


Daisy Kenyon (1947)

Joan Crawford plays artist Daisy Kenyon

Daisy Kenyon on IMDB

'Daisy Kenyon (Crawford) is a Manhattan commercial artist having an affair with an arrogant and overbearing but successful lawyer named Dan O'Mara (Andrews). O'Mara is married and has children. Daisy meets a single man, a war veteran named Peter Lapham (Fonda), and after a brief and hesitant courtship decides to marry him, although she is still in love with Dan.'
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Three on a Couch (1966)

Jerry Lewis plays artist Christopher Pride

Three on a Couch on IMDB

'Artist Christopher Pride wants to marry his girlfriend, Dr. Elizabeth Accord. However, she is too involved with her patients and she doesn't think that she would be able to leave them to go on a honeymoon. Pride decides to solve her patients' problems after finding out that most of them are merely despondent after having relationships go bad. Therefore, he decides to "date" these women, without Accord's knowledge, and give them back their self-esteem so that they will be less dependent on their doctor.'
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Bad Blood (1989)

Georgina Spelvin plays artist Arlene Bellings Bad Blood on IMDB A Yuppie thinks he's hit the jackpot when he meets up with his long lost rich reclusive artist mother Arlene Bellings. However she turns psycho and kills his wife then hobbles him and rapes him.


The Rendering (2002)

Shannen Doherty plays artist Sarah Reynolds

The Rendering on IMDB

Sarah Reynolds is leaving art school when she has a run-in with a fan of her art who tries to kill her


The Hand (1981)

Michael Caine plays artist Jonathan Lansdale

The Hand on IMDB

he Hand begins with comic strip artist Jon Lansdale as he's finishing up a famous work of his called "Mandro", a Prince Valiant/Conan The Barbarian type of character. (In the film the actual "Mandro" artwork was drawn by real life Marvel Comics Conan artist Barry Windsor-Smith.) Lansdale is married to a beautiful woman named Anne (Andrea Marcovicci) and they have a child named Lizzie (played by Mara Hobel, who is best known as the young Christina Crawford in Mommie Dearest).
Anne apparently is bored with their life in Vermont and insists that she and Lizzie move to New York City so that she and Lansdale can "spend time alone." It appears their marriage is on shaky ground. This is brought up during a car ride in which Lansdale is infuriated by her suggestions and they argue. While they are driving, Anne and Lansdale end up behind a slow-moving truck and an impatient driver behind them. In the heat of argument, Anne, who is driving, gets distracted and pulls out from behind the truck. Another truck comes up in the other lane. Anne attempts to get back behind the other truck but the impatient driver has pulled up too far. Lansdale waves his hand to the impatient driver to move back, and when she does not and Anne has to slam on the brakes, his hand is caught behind the truck, which also stops. The hand is severed completely in a bloody, violent scene. Anne attempts to find the severed hand but it is too late.
Lansdale then starts a painful adjustment to not having his right hand, which so happened to be his drawing hand. Anne also adjusts to her guilt of being responsible for the accident and tries to get closer with Lansdale. In a separate instance, he attempts to find the hand himself but does find his signet ring that Anne gave him. They move to New York and Lansdale is approached by his friend and agent Karen Wagner (Rosemary Murphy) to co-produce his comic strip with another cartoonist. But when the test boards are discovered marked up, the deal is off and Karen fires Lansdale. Lansdale, however, is certain HE did not mark them up and questions his daughter about the incident. He also loses the signet ring once again. During his recovery, Lansdale discovers that Anne has started moving away from him like before the accident. He becomes jealous of Anne's yoga instructor and also seems to begin a slow descent into darkness when an encounter with a homeless man (played by writer/director Oliver Stone) leaves the man dead at the "hand" of his former appendage. It's not entirely clear whether or not this was a real event or something in his mind. Lansdale also starts having hallucinations about different objects coming to life as a hand, like a shower faucet.
After his final meeting with Wagner, Lansdale comes forth with his intention to take an offer to teach at a small community college in California. He proceeds to go forward with his plans and meets Brian Ferguson (Bruce McGill), a rough and rowdy country-and-western psychology instructor, who helps indoctrinate him with the college and the small town locale. He discovers soon that perhaps this was a disastrous move on his part after his first couple of weeks teaching. Another thorn in his side is Anne's decision not to move Lizzie and herself out with him.
Although unintentional, Lansdale begins a strange affair with one of his students, Stella Roche (Annie McEnroe), when she decides to show up at his house and strip for him. He starts showing his dark descent with an unshaven face and wild, uncombed hair, akin to Jack Torrance in The Shining. Lansdale becomes obsessed with Stella, buying her lacy lingerie for Christmas and insisting on knowing her whereabouts at all times. Stella, feeling smothered and unknown to Lansdale, makes plans to go away for two weeks with Brian. Brian, who knows nothing of the affair between Stella and Lansdale, drunkenly blurts their plans to Lansdale in the local bar. Soon, the image of Stella being strangled under the Christmas tree by the severed hand, pops into Lansdale's head. The hand apparently cleans up the mess by the time Lansdale, along with Anne and Lizzie, who have arrived to celebrate Christmas, show up at the house. Not long after, Lansdale once again ends up at the bar with Brian. Confused that Brian should be off on his two week vacation with Stella, Lansdale discovers that Brian has not seen Stella since the night she came to Lansdale's house. Brian, even in his drunken state, uncovers the affair between Stella and Lansdale. He is killed by the hand in his car after threatening to call the police on Lansdale about Stella's disappearance. It is now that Lansdale believes he controls the hand and it responds to his impulses and desires. He attempts to murder Anne so that he can have Lizzie to himself. While he makes a strong effort by having the hand kill her while she is driving to the grocery store in a rainstorm, she remains unharmed and returns safely. Later that evening, Lansdale argues with Anne and he leaves her room. Soon, screams are coming from Anne. Lansdale enters her room and discovers the hand strangling her and it attempts to escape by going out the window. Lizzie discovers her father over her mother and assumes he is hurting her. He convinces her otherwise and tells her to call the police. He, then, goes after the hand with a butcher's knife. After a lengthy struggle, he stabs the hand, but the hand gets away and after attempting something with the car, the hand starts to strangle him until he passes out.
Lansdale awakens with his own hand (the one attached) around his throat while the police are skulking around. The sheriff, with Lizzie in tow, and his deputies attempt to ask Lansdale what happened. While he attempts to explain and he discovers that Anne is not dead, the officers notice a pungent smell permeating the area in the carport around the car, specifically from the trunk. Lansdale tries to prove that nothing is wrong by opening the trunk, only to find Stella and Brian's dead bodies inside. Lansdale looks and screams in horror.
The scene fades out and then into a green-painted room of a mental hospital with tons of electronic scanning and testing equipment around. Lansdale is strapped down in a chair with electrodes coming out of his head. An elderly woman (Viveca Lindfors in a Saturn Award-nominated cameo), apparently a doctor or scientist, with a white labcoat on, is circling Lansdale, attempting to make sense of his rage and why he did what he did. She tries to make an effort with him by loosening the restraint on his mechanical hand and shakes it. She continually questions him about what he's feeling. He attempts to tell her that he sees the hand, which she insists is not real and that he did all the killing himself, coming closer to her neck. She laughs it off until the hand actually grabs her and strangles her, smashing her head against the concrete floor. Lansdale, completely taken over by the essence of the hand, looks at her and starts to laugh, loosens the restraint on the other hand and gets up.
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Adorables créatures (1952)

Daniel Gélin plays artist André Noblet

Adorables créatures on IMDB

21 year old artist André falls in love with the mother of two children
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