Inspiration (1931)

Paul McAllister plays Jouvet, the Artist

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Yvonne Valbret (Greta Garbo) is a Parisian belle who poses as an artist's model, who falls in love with a young diplomat candidate called André Montell (Robert Montgomery). As they begin a relationship, André ignores her prior dalliances with multiple lovers. Discovering her past, André leaves her. Later, their paths cross again: André finds Yvonne living in poverty and buys her an estate to live in. At some point, he reveals his intent to marry another woman. Yvonne pleads for him not to leave her. Fearing her rashness, André chooses love over his career, and returns to Yvonne to tell her of his decision -- his arrival clashes with another former lover of Yvonne, who is pleading with her for her return. André is willing to let the past be the past, but as he sleeps Yvonne writes him a farewell note, choosing not to ruin his career.
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