Inspiration (1915)

Thomas A. Curran plays The Artist

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'A young sculptor searches for the perfect model to inspire his work. He finds a poverty stricken girl whom he thinks is the model he has been looking for. When she wanders off he visits all the famous statues in Manhattan hoping to find her again.'
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Michael (1924)

Benjamin Christensen plays artist Claude Zoret

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'In the film, a famous painter named Claude Zoret (Benjamin Christensen) falls in love with one of his models, Michael (Walter Slezak), and for a time the two live happily as partners.
Zoret is considerably older than Michael, and as they age, Michael begins to drift from him, although Zoret is completely blind to this. When a bankrupt countess (Nora Gregor) comes to Zoret to have a portrait made — with the real intent of seducing him and swindling his money — she finds Michael to be more receptive to her advances. At her lead, the two quickly become a couple and she immediately begins using Michael to steal from Zoret. When Zoret discovers what has been going on, he is crushed and his work suffers terribly.
Michael sells the painting of himself that Zoret made and gave to him as a gift, and steals and sells the sketches Zoret made of their time in Algiers, where they first fell in love. Zoret begins work on his masterpiece: a large-scale painting of a man lying on a beach, using Algiers as a background, depicting "a man who has lost everything", as one character put it on first sight of the work.
After completing the painting, Zoret falls ill. Charles Switt (Robert Garrison) sits beside Zoret on his deathbed. Switt had always loved Zoret, and has stayed with him throughout, never criticizing Michael for fear of hurting his unrequited love. Switt sends a message to Michael, telling him that Zoret is dying and to come at once, but the Countess prevents him from getting it.
Zoret's last words, which also serve as the prologue to the film, are "Now I can die in peace, for I have seen true love."
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The Single Standard (1929)

Nils Asther plays artist Packy Cannon

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The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945)

Lowell Gilmore plays artist Basil Hallward

text from Wikipedia:
The painting entitled Picture of Dorian Gray used in the film was painted on commission during the making of the film in 1943-1944 by Ivan Le Lorraine Albright, an American artist who was well-known as a painter of the macabre. Created specifically for use in the film, it is now part of the art collection of The Art Institute of Chicago. Albright had to paint the picture while the movie was being made in order to show Dorian Gray's physical transformation as his evil actions changed him into a horrid image in the painting while his actual physical appearance remained that of a young man. At the film's climax, Gray "killed" the painting by piercing it through its heart with a knife, thus killing himself when his physical appearance changed to that of the painting.

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Summertime aka Summer Madness (1955)

Darren McGavin plays artist Eddie Yaeger
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'The story focuses on Jane Hudson, a middle-aged spinster from Ohio, whose lifelong dream of a vacation in Venice finally comes true. During the water bus ride to the Pensione Fiorini, she meets two fellow Americans, Lloyd and Edith McIlhenny. At the hotel, they are greeted by Signora Fiorini, a widow who transformed her home into a pensione after World War II. Also staying at the property are Eddie Yaeger, a young American painter studying art, and his wife Phyl.'
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She's All That (1999)

Alexis Arquette plays performance artist Mitch

Mitch: "art is love people... art is love"

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As Good as It Gets (1997)

Greg Kinnear plays artist Simon Bishop

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'Melvin Udall is a racist, homophobic, and anti-Semitic misanthrope who works at home as a best-selling romance novelist in New York. He suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder which, paired with his misanthropy, puts off the neighbors in his Manhattan apartment building and nearly everyone else with whom he comes into contact.

Melvin eats breakfast at the same table in the same restaurant every day using disposable plastic utensils he brings with him due to his pathological germophobia. He takes an interest in his waitress, Carol Connelly (Helen Hunt), the only server at the restaurant who can tolerate his demanding behavior.

One day, Melvin's neighbor, a gay artist named Simon Bishop (Greg Kinnear), is assaulted by one of his models in his own apartment when he interrupts the man's friends robbing him. Melvin is forced to take care of the artist's dog Verdell while Simon is in the hospital. Although he initially finds caring for the dog distasteful, Melvin becomes emotionally attached to Verdell and he begins to gain more attention from Carol. When Carol decides to get a job closer to home so she can spend more time with her acutely asthmatic son, Melvin's orderly world is gravely disturbed because Carol is no longer there to serve him breakfast. He asks his publisher to send her husband, who is a doctor, to Carol's apartment to care for her son, with Melvin himself paying for the resulting medical expenses, so that Carol will be able to return to work. Wary of owing Melvin for this gesture and misunderstanding his reasons, Carol takes the train to his apartment in the middle of the night to tell him that she will not sleep with him.

In the meantime, Simon's assault and subsequent rehabilitation coupled with the fact that Verdell seems to actually prefer Melvin, causes him to lose his creative muse. His friends convince him that he should go to Baltimore and ask his estranged parents for money, but in order to do this, Simon needs Melvin to drive. Melvin invites Carol to accompany them on the trip to lessen the awkwardness between the two men and so he can court Carol romantically. She reluctantly accepts the invitation and relationships among the three develop.'
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High Art (1998)

Ally Sheedy plays artist Lucy Berliner

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'Sydney (or simply 'Syd'), age 24, is a woman who has her whole life mapped out in front of her. Living with longtime boyfriend James, and working her way up at the respected high-art photography magazine Frame, Syd has desires and frustrations that seem typical and manageable. But when a crack in her ceiling springs a leak and Syd finds herself knocking on the door of her upstairs neighbor, a chance meeting suddenly takes her on a new path.

Opening the door to an uncharted world for Syd is Lucy Berliner, a renowned photographer, enchanting, elusive, and curiously retired. Now 40, Lucy lives with her once glamorous, heroin-addicted German girlfriend Greta, and plays host to a collection of hard-living party kids. Before Syd's caught her breath, she's caught Lucy's fascination and is drawn into the center of Lucy's strangely alluring life upstairs.

When Syd's bosses at Frame catch wind of her acquaintance with Lucy, they suddenly take interest in Syd and pressure her to bring Lucy to the magazine. Soon a working relationship develops between the two and a project is underway which promises a second chance for Lucy's career. But as Syd and Lucy's collaboration draws them closer together, their working relationship turns sexual and the lines between love and professionalism suddenly blur. As Syd slowly discovers the darker truths of Lucy's life on the edge, she is forced to confront her own hunger for recognition and the uncertain rewards of public esteem.'
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