Shopgirl (2005)

Claire Danes plays artist Mirabelle


Mirabelle Buttersfield, a transplanted Vermonter, is an aspiring artist and saleswoman at the evening gloves counter at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills. Her quiet, orderly existence - filled with both the mundane (futon furniture and an aging pickup truck) and the serious (a large student loan and a supply of antidepressants) - is disrupted by the sudden appearance of two disparate men. Ray Porter is a considerably older, suave, well-dressed, wealthy, divorced logician, while Jeremy is an immature, awkward, socially inept, penniless twentysomething graphic designer for an amplifier manufacturer and aspiring typographer. Ray tells Mirabelle upfront that he does not intend for their relationship to be exclusive. Despite this lack of commitment, she finds herself swept off her feet. The situation is further clouded when Jeremy falls madly in love with her; although she finds him considerably less desirable than his older rival, he is willing to offer her the promise of exclusivity.
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