200 Cigarettes (1999)

Brian McCardie plays artist Eric

Eric's girlfriend Bridget in the movie on his art:
“…then he takes me to his gallery today to see his show, and it sucks… I can’t even tell you, you wouldn’t believe his work. Okay, it’s like big abstract vaginas or something.”

Janeane Garofalo plays performance artist Ellie

200 Cigarettes

The film follows various plot arcs all occurring on New Year's Eve of 1981. The central character is Monica (Plimpton), who is throwing a big New Year bash and is desperately afraid no one will attend. As of early evening the only person to have arrived is her friend Hillary (Kellner). As she desperately tries to convince Hillary to stay, we learn about various other groupings of individuals who are all in one way or another on their way to the party.
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