The Juror (1996)

Demi Moore as artist Annie Laird

makes sculptures inside boxes, you stick your hand in the box and as the character Annie Laird herself says "cop a feel"

The Juror on IMDB

'Annie Laird (Demi Moore) is a sculptor who lives in New York with her son Oliver (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). Annie works a day job as a data entry clerk. Oliver has a crush on Annie's friend Juliet (Anne Heche) who has a son named Jesse (Brett Barsky).

Annie is selected to be one of the jurors in the trial of mob boss Louie Boffano (Tony Lo Bianco) who is accused of ordering the murders of Salvador Riggio and Salvador's grandson Thomas Riggio (Joseph Perrino).

Annie soon meets a man named Mark Cordell (Alec Baldwin). After Mark buys some of Annie's artwork, he wines and dines her, and then Annie discovers that Mark is better known as "The Teacher" - he's Louie's enforcer, and the material perpetrator of the hit job for which Louie is being prosecuted. Mark tells Annie to convince the jury to acquit Louie, or else Oliver, Juliet, and Jesse will all die.'
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