Scream Baby Scream aka Nightmare House (1969)

Larry Swanson plays artist Charles Butler

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'Charles Butler is a world renowned artist, but behind his macabre and grotesque imagery lies a more brutal truth. Alongside the insane Dr.Garrison and their mutant lackeys, he is kidnapping beautiful models and artists so he can take his art to the next stage, and turn living humans into living paintings! Jason, a young art student realizes this disgusting scheme a little bit too late, as his beloved girlfriend Janet has been kidnapped by Butler and Garrison. As he races to their mansion in the middle of nowhere, stoned and afraid, Butler's last words with the boy echoes in his mind; "Yesterday's nightmare is today's dream and tomorrow's reality."'
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Le sang d'un poète (1930)

Enrique Rivero plays the artist/poet

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'An artist sketches a face and is startled when its mouth starts moving. He rubs out the mouth, only to discover that it has transferred to the palm of his hand. After experimenting with the hand for a while and falling asleep, the artist awakens and places the mouth over the mouth of a female statue.

The statue speaks to the artist, cajoling him into passing through a mirror. The mirror links to a hotel and the artist peers through several keyholes, witnessing such people as an opium smoker and a hermaphrodite. The artist is handed a gun and a disembodied voice instructs him how to shoot himself in the head. He shoots himself but does not die. The artist cries out that he has seen enough and returns through the mirror. He smashes the statue with a mallet.'
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Trauma (2004)

Colin Firth plays artist Ben

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'Awaking from a coma to discover his wife has been killed in a car accident, Ben's (Colin Firth) world may as well have come to an end. A few weeks later, Ben's out of hospital and, attempting to start a new life, he moves home and is befriended by a beautiful young neighbour Charlotte (Mena Suvari). His life may be turning around but all is not what it seems and, haunted by visions of his dead wife, Ben starts to lose his grip on reality.'
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The Slayer (1982)

Sarah Kendall plays artist Kay

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'Siblings, Eric (Frederick Flynn) & his surreal abstract artist sister Kay (Sarah Kendall), her doctor husband David (Alan McRae), her sister-in-law Brooke (Carol Kottenbrook) along with pilot Marsh (Michael Holmes) become stranded on a rugged isle. For thirty-something Kay her current situation is her worst fears realised, for she's been troubled since her childhood by recurring prophetic nightmares in which she is stalked and slain in a burning room by figure known as The Slayer. Now it seems this place may be in fact its dwelling and she's sure somehow that this so-called entity is lurking close by, biding its time until nightfull, where it will be drawn to Kay who (for whatever reason) dreams of its killings. But, then again, what's real or make believe? Not everything is what it seems in this place.'
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Blood Bath (1966)

Karl Schanzer plays Max, the artist

Blood Bath on IMDB

'In Venice, California, student Daisy (Merissa Mathes) leaves a club alone after having an argument with her beatnik boyfriend Max (Carl Schanzer). Walking through the deserted streets, she stops to admire some gruesome paintings in a gallery window painted by artist Antonio Sordi (Campbell), who coincidentally also comes by to look in on his "lost children." After a friendly conversation, Sordi convinces the young woman to pose nude for him that night. At his bell-tower studio, Sordi is possessed by the spirit of a long-dead ancestor and suddenly transforms into a vampiric monster who hacks the screaming Daisy to death with a cleaver. Afterwards, he lowers her mutilated corpse into a vat of boiling wax.

Sordi, in his vampire form, stalks Venice in search of victims; he is able to do so freely at all hours. In the middle of the day, he chases a young woman into the surf at a beach and drowns her. At night, he kills a prostitute in a car while pedestrians stroll by, all of them assuming the pair are lovers sharing an intimate moment. Another victim is approached at a party, chased into a swimming pool, and drowned there after the other guests have moved into the house. The murdered women are carried back to Sordi's studio and painted by the artist, their bodies then covered in wax.

Max wants to make up with Daisy but cannot find her anywhere. Learning that she has posed for Sordi and become the subject of the latest in the artist's series of "Dead Red Nudes," he visits her sister Donna (Sandra Knight) to ask her forgiveness. Donna tells Max she hasn't seen Daisy for days, and is concerned about the recent rash of disappearances. She reads Max the legend of Sordi's 15th-century ancestor Erno, a painter condemned to be burned at the stake for capturing his subjects' souls on canvas. Unable to convince Max that Antonio Sordi might also be a vampire, she confronts the artist at his studio and asks him if he has seen Daisy. He angrily brushes her off. That night, he later follows her through the streets and murders her as she tries to escape from him on a carousel.

The "human" Sordi is in love with Dorian (Linda Saunders), an avant-garde ballerina and Daisy's former roommate. At first he tries to protect her from his vampiric tendencies, warning her his studio is a cheerless place and at one point breaking a date with her to spend time gaining control of his feelings for her. When she turns up at the studio unannounced, he believes she is the reincarnation of Erno Sordi’s long-dead mistress Melizza (also played by Linda Saunders), a witch who had denounced him to the ecclesiastical courts in order to protect herself from prosecution, and traps her in a net. He is about to slash her throat with a razor when Max and his beatnik friends finally realize Sordi is a murderer and successfully free her from the tower. Melizza, seen in a painting that Sordi keeps concealed behind a curtain, brings three of Sordi's victims back to life and they dispatch him by forcing him into the boiling wax.'
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Sunday Bloody Sunday (1971)

Murray Head plays artist Bob Elkin

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'A Jewish doctor, Daniel Hirsh (Finch) and a young woman, Alex Greville (Jackson) are both involved in a love triangle with the same person, artist Bob Elkin (Head). Not only are Hirsh and Greville aware that Elkin is seeing the other, but they know each other through mutual friends. Despite this, they are willing to put up with the situation through fear of losing Elkin, who switches freely between them.'
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Slam Dance (1987)

Tom Hulce plays artist C.C. Drood

Slam Dance on IMDB

A cartoonist becomes involved in the cover up of a political sex scandal after his former lover is murdered.
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Retribution (1987)

Dennis Lipscomb plays artist George Miller

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The story of a depressed and suicidal artist who dies at the same time as a psychopathic gangster. the artist comes back from the dead only to find he is now possessed by the gangster.


The Draughtsman's Contract (1982)

Anthony Higgins plays artist Mr. Neville

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'Mr. Neville (Anthony Higgins), a young and arrogant artist, is contracted to produce a series of 12 landscape drawings of an estate by Mrs. Virginia Herbert (Janet Suzman) for her absent and estranged husband. Part of the contract is that Mrs Herbert agrees "to meet Mr Neville in private and to comply with his requests concerning his pleasure with me." Several sexual encounters between them follow. Later he makes a similar contract with Mrs Herbert's married, yet childless, daughter. In the second contract, however, he agrees to comply with what is described as her pleasure, rather than his — a reversal of the position in regard to her mother.

A number of curious objects appear in Neville's drawings, which point ultimately to the murder of Mr Herbert, whose body is discovered in the moat of the house. The drawings can be interpreted to suggest more than one illegal act and to implicate more than one person. There is a violent and shocking plot resolution.'
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Kuraingu furîman / Crying Freeman (1988)

Toshio Furukawa voices artist Yô Hinomura / Freeman

Chiharu Kataishi voices artist Emu Hino

Kuraingu furîman on IMDB

Yō Hinomura, a Japanese potter, comes into the possession of some film showing an assassination by an agent of the 108 Dragons, a powerful Chinese mafia. When he refuses to turn the film over to them, they kidnap him. Hypnotized, he is trained as an assassin for them and his body is tattooed with dragons. He is given the codename "Crying Freeman," because he cries after a kill and longs to be free.

One of his killings is witnessed by Emu Hino, a lonely and beautiful Japanese artist. Knowing he must kill her, she paints his portrait and waits for him to come. When he does so, she tells him that she is tired of being alone and wishes to end her life. She asks for a favor before he kills her - to make love to her, so that she will not die as a virgin. He grants her wish, but finds he cannot kill her and they fall in love. The killing she witnessed was of a yakuza boss, however, so the yakuza want to find her so that they can find the killer. One of the yakuza attempts to enter Emu's home and force her to disclose the name of the killer, critically injuring her. Freeman takes her to the hospital and tells her to meet him at Hinomura Kiln, where he intends to part with her. Instead, she accompanies him back to the 108 Dragons, where he tattoos her with tigers and they marry.

The heads of the 108 Dragons decide to name Freeman as their heir. He is given the Chinese name Lóng Tài-Yáng, and Emu is renamed Hǔ Qīng-Lán, as both pass the tests given to them. It proves not as easy as that, however, as they must contend with challenges to the leadership from Bái-Yá Shàn, the granddaughter of the leaders of the 108 Dragons, and attempts to destroy the Dragons from other underground organizations.
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The Picture of Dorian Gray (1973)

Charles Aidman plays artist Basil Hallward

The Picture of Dorian Gray on IMDB

TV film adaptation of Oscar Wilde's book


The Picture of Dorian Gray (1976)

Jeremy Brett plays artist Basil Hallward

The Picture of Dorian Gray on IMDB

"BBC Play of the Month" adaptation of Oscar Wilde's book
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