The Draughtsman's Contract (1982)

Anthony Higgins plays artist Mr. Neville

The Draughtsman's Contract on IMDB

'Mr. Neville (Anthony Higgins), a young and arrogant artist, is contracted to produce a series of 12 landscape drawings of an estate by Mrs. Virginia Herbert (Janet Suzman) for her absent and estranged husband. Part of the contract is that Mrs Herbert agrees "to meet Mr Neville in private and to comply with his requests concerning his pleasure with me." Several sexual encounters between them follow. Later he makes a similar contract with Mrs Herbert's married, yet childless, daughter. In the second contract, however, he agrees to comply with what is described as her pleasure, rather than his — a reversal of the position in regard to her mother.

A number of curious objects appear in Neville's drawings, which point ultimately to the murder of Mr Herbert, whose body is discovered in the moat of the house. The drawings can be interpreted to suggest more than one illegal act and to implicate more than one person. There is a violent and shocking plot resolution.'
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