Scream Baby Scream aka Nightmare House (1969)

Larry Swanson plays artist Charles Butler

Trailer Scream Baby Scream från rstvideos trailerarkiv.

Scream Baby Scream on IMDB

'Charles Butler is a world renowned artist, but behind his macabre and grotesque imagery lies a more brutal truth. Alongside the insane Dr.Garrison and their mutant lackeys, he is kidnapping beautiful models and artists so he can take his art to the next stage, and turn living humans into living paintings! Jason, a young art student realizes this disgusting scheme a little bit too late, as his beloved girlfriend Janet has been kidnapped by Butler and Garrison. As he races to their mansion in the middle of nowhere, stoned and afraid, Butler's last words with the boy echoes in his mind; "Yesterday's nightmare is today's dream and tomorrow's reality."'
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