Eastern Plays (2009)

Christo Christov plays artist Itso

Eastern Plays on IMDB

Eastern Plays is the story of two alienated brothers, Hristo or Itso (Hristo Hristov), an artist woodcarver who is struggling with his methadone addiction, and Georgi (Ovanes Torosyan), a high school student who is dragged into a neo-Nazi gang. The central point of the film is an ethnically-motivated attack by Georgi's neo-Nazi gang on a Turkish family from Istanbul, who are spending the night in Sofia en route to Germany. While Georgi initially participates in the beating, he is frightened and runs away. Itso, who had seen the family at a restaurant while he dined with his now-ex-girlfriend Niki (Nikolina Yancheva), ends up intervening and saving the family, including the beautiful daughter Işıl (Saadet Işıl Aksoy). In his developing feelings for Işıl, Itso sees hope of a positive change in his destiny, while Georgi's actions and his brother's help make him question his philosophy and reconsider his outlook on life.

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Murder Party (2007)

Macon Blair plays artist Macon
William Lacey plays artist Bill
Stacy Rock plays artist Lexi
Skei Saulnier plays artist Sky
Paul Goldblatt plays artist Paul

Murder Party on IMDB

Christopher, a lonely and plain man, finds an invitation to a Halloween costume party entitled "Murder Party", on the street. He attends the party to discover it is actually a trap set by a group of deranged art students. They intend to commit a murder as a piece of artwork to impress their wealthy and sinister patron. Chris brought along a loaf of raisin bread, which one of the students starts to eat. She then reveals that she is allergic to raisins, and didn't know about them. The group asks if she'll be OK, and she agrees explaining she's only a little dizzy and needs to sit down, however she falls over and hits her head on an axe and dies. The group hides the body, as they don't want their patron when he arrives.

The patron comes and has arrived late to the Murder Party and is searching for students to award grant money to. Drugs and alcohol fuel the group as the situation spirals out of their control and Christopher tries to make it home from the Murder Party alive.
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(Untitled) (2009)

Vinnie Jones plays artist Ray Barko
Adam Goldberg plays artist Adrian Jacobs
Ptolemy Slocum plays artist Monroe
Eion Bailey plays artist Josh Jacobs

(Untitled) on IMDB

Set in the artsy Chelsea, this satirical film centers on a young bohemian avant-garde composer Adrian (Goldberg), who becomes involved with a trendy New York art gallery owner, Madeleine (Shelton). Adrian is a composer who makes music by breaking glass and kicking metal buckets. In contrast to Adrian is his brother Josh (Bailey), a successful painter who happens to bring Madeline to one of his brother's concerts. Madeleine is immediately drawn to Adrian's work and invited him to perform at her gallery and into her bedroom. Eventually, Josh discovers the secret relationship between Madeleine and Adrian, and the fact that Madeleine has been using Josh's paintings, which have commercial appeal, to keep the gallery running while it features more avant-garde work.
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Bridge to Terabithia (2007)

Josh Hutcherson plays artist Jess Aarons

Bridge to Terabithia on IMDB

Jesse "Jess" Aarons (Josh Hutcherson) is a twelve-year-old aspiring artist living with his financially struggling family in Lark Creek. He rides the bus to school with his little sister May Belle (Bailee Madison), where he avoids the school bully Janice Avery (Lauren Clinton). In class, Jess is teased by classmates Scott Hoager (Cameron Wakefield) and Gary Fulcher (Elliot Lawless), and meets new student Leslie Burke (AnnaSophia Robb). At recess, Jess enters a running event, for which he had been training at home. Leslie also enters and manages to beat all the boys, much to Jess' irritation. On the way home, Jess and Leslie learn that they are next-door neighbors.

Later in the evening, Jess becomes frustrated when he finds that May Belle has drawn in his notebook, but his strict father (Robert Patrick) sides with her. He later watches them gardening together, disappointed that his father does not spend time with him. The next day at school, Leslie compliments Jess' drawing ability after seeing his notebook, and they soon become friends. After school, they venture into the woods and swing across a creek on a rope. Jess and Leslie find an abandoned tree house on the other side, and invent a new world, which they call Terabithia. The fantasy world, which is a reflection on their lives, comes to life through their eyes as they explore the surroundings. For the next few days, Jess and Leslie spend their free time in the tree house getting to know each other.

Leslie gives Jess an art kit on his birthday, much to his delight. Jess becomes angry with his father's attitude towards him, and refuses the existence of Terabithia the next day at school. Afterwards, Jess apologizes to Leslie by giving her a puppy and Leslie instantly forgives him. Leslie decides to name the puppy Prince Terrien. Once in Terabithia, they fight with various creatures, including a troll resembling Janice. At school, Leslie becomes frustrated by Janice's fee for entering the toilet. Jess and Leslie play a prank on Janice, and she becomes the laughingstock of everyone on the bus. Once Leslie's parents finish their book, she and Jess help paint their house. Jess is impressed by her parents happiness, and smiles as he watches their family. At school, Leslie discovers that Janice is abused by her father, and they become friends. Jess tells Leslie that his father is always mad at him. Jess and Leslie take P.T. to Terabithia, where they fight off several creatures resembling students at their school. They decide to go home, and Jess smiles as Leslie runs back to her house.

The next morning, Ms. Edmunds (Zooey Deschanel), Jess' music teacher, calls to invite him on a one-on-one field trip to an art museum. Jess tries to ask his mother's permission; however, she is half-asleep and he takes her mumbling as approval. Jess does not ask Leslie to accompany him, and merely looks at her house as they drive by. When he returns home, Jess finds that his father and mother are worried sick because they did not know where he was. His father tells him that Leslie had died that morning while trying to swing across the rain-swollen creek. Jess is deeply grieved, and visits the Burke family home with his parents to pay their respects. Leslie's father, Bill Burke (Latham Gaines), tells Jess that she loved him, and thanks him for being a very good friend to her, since she had trouble making friends at her old school. Jess feels overwhelming guilt for Leslie's death, but his father consoles him to keep their friendship alive for her sake. Jess decides to reimagine Terabithia and builds a bridge across the river to welcome a new ruler. He invites his sister, May Belle to enter Terabithia; she is delighted because she was previously denied any opportunity to enter. She and Jess bring back Terabithia in even greater splendor, with Jess as king and his sister as princess.
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The Man in the Net (1959)

Alan Ladd plays artist John Hamilton


The film tells the story of John Hamilton (Ladd) who's retreated to Stoneville, Connecticut, in the New England countryside, to pursue a career as an artist, but his wife Linda (Carolyn Jones) wants to go back to New York. She is observed as being both drunk and a little strange by the town-folk.
Then his alcoholic and psychologically disturbed wife disappears one day. When she does John is suspected of killing his wife.
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If You Could Say It in Words (2008)

Alvin Keith plays artist Nelson Hodge

If You Could Say It in Words on IMDB

'Nelson Hodge is a lower class painter with undiagnosed Asperger syndrome who is immersed in completing a triptych of emotion paintings. Sadie Mitchell is attempting to get her life back in order while sacrificing in most areas of her life. The two meet by chance and engage in an awkward romance that starts to bring their flaws to the surface.'
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