Murder Party (2007)

Macon Blair plays artist Macon
William Lacey plays artist Bill
Stacy Rock plays artist Lexi
Skei Saulnier plays artist Sky
Paul Goldblatt plays artist Paul

Murder Party on IMDB

Christopher, a lonely and plain man, finds an invitation to a Halloween costume party entitled "Murder Party", on the street. He attends the party to discover it is actually a trap set by a group of deranged art students. They intend to commit a murder as a piece of artwork to impress their wealthy and sinister patron. Chris brought along a loaf of raisin bread, which one of the students starts to eat. She then reveals that she is allergic to raisins, and didn't know about them. The group asks if she'll be OK, and she agrees explaining she's only a little dizzy and needs to sit down, however she falls over and hits her head on an axe and dies. The group hides the body, as they don't want their patron when he arrives.

The patron comes and has arrived late to the Murder Party and is searching for students to award grant money to. Drugs and alcohol fuel the group as the situation spirals out of their control and Christopher tries to make it home from the Murder Party alive.
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