The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer (1947)

Cary Grant plays artist Dick Newgent

Dick (giving a speech to high school students):
"As we know a lot of people think of art as something pretty stuffy, don't let them kid you. True art has something to say to everyone. Great art unites the masses at every age in every country"
Dick (giving a speech to high school students):
"If you think art isn't functional look at it in terms of history. Each age... each era, becomes visual to us when the art is recreated in stone bronze or on canvas. the essence of art is simplicity. For instance, if I wanted to catch the feeling of America it wouldn't be necessary to go looking for towering mountains or fields of waving grain, if I tried to put America on canvas I would picture one of you

Dick (making up a gritty past to impress the bobby-soxer who is writing and artcle for the school newspaper about his life as an artist):
"When I was 10 my mother and father had a double suicide pact, they made it. I was sent to an orphanage, some days they didn't beat me...
Then one night I escaped I ran away to New York. I used to steal crusts of bread and things. One time I stole a valise, there were paints and paint brushes inside so I began to paint. Then they got me I was sent to a reform school but I escaped again back to New York. A wealthy society lady saw my work, fell in love with me and sent me to art school, the rest is history"

The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer on IMDB

Seventeen-year-old Susan Turner develops a crush on Richard Nugent, a sophisticated bachelor who gives a lecture on art at her high school. Susan's uncle, a psychiatrist, believes Richard is an innocent bystander, but manages to persuade him to play along with Susan until the infatuation ends. He reluctantly agrees. When his efforts to shake her off fail, he throws himself into the charade hoping Susan's older sister Margaret will put an end to the affair.
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Blackmail (1929)

Cyril Ritchard plays artist Mr. Crewe

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Scotland Yard Detective Frank Webber (Longden) escorts his girlfriend Alice White (Ondra) to a tea house. They have an argument and Alice leaves with Mr. Crewe (Ritchard), an artist whom she has earlier agreed to meet. At his studio, Crewe sings and plays "Miss Up-to-Date" on the piano. Alice innocently flirts with the artist. He convinces her to try on a dress then attempts to assault her as she is changing. Alice grabs a nearby bread knife and stabs him to death.

Alice leaves after attempting to conceal any evidence of her presence in the flat. She has, however, unknowingly left her gloves behind. The next day Frank is assigned to the case and finds one of the gloves. He realizes the glove belongs to Alice and visits Alice at her father's shop. Local petty thief Tracey (Donald Calthrop), who saw Alice at the artist's flat earlier, interrupts the two and attempts to blackmail the couple. Frank tells Tracey his attempt will fail.

The tables are turned when Tracey becomes the chief suspect after the artist's landlady identifies him as being at the scene of the crime. Tracey flees and is pursued by the police. He clambers onto the domed roof of the British Museum and is killed after falling through a glass panel of the dome.

Alice feels compelled to confess she killed the artist and goes to Scotland Yard. She attempts to talk to the Chief Inspector but is escorted out by Frank.
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O. Henry's Full House (The Last Leaf) (1952)

Gregory Ratoff plays artist Behrman (The Last Leaf)
Behrman's Gallerist Boris:
"Maybe you are ahead of your time maybe 1950 they will recognise it for what it is, whatever it is. But my customer only like paintings they can recognise. All art must communicate, and yours doesn't say anything to anybody who comes in here"

"What you have got on your walls, a camera can do much better no comparison"
"I'm making so much noise but you see, when I paint I get so mad with myself that I forget myself"
Behrman's last work of art

Jean Peters plays artist Susan Goodwin (The Last Leaf)

O. Henry's Full House (The Last Leaf) on IMDB

an anthology film, consisting of five separate stories by O. Henry. In "The Last Leaf" an artist (Jean Peters as Susan Goodwin) is nursing her sister who is on her death bed with pneumonia. She is given hope by their neighbour a kindly eccentric artist called Behrman


Ex-Lady (1933)

Bette Davis plays artist Helen Bauer

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Helen Bauer, a glamorous, successful, headstrong, and very liberated New York graphic artist with modern ideas about romance, is involved with Don Peterson but doesn't want to sacrifice her independence by entering into matrimony. The two agree to wed only to pacify Helen's conventional immigrant father Adolphe, whose Old World views spur him to condemn their affair. They form a business partnership, but financial problems at their advertising agency put a strain on the marriage and Don begins seeing Peggy Smith, one of his married clients. Convinced it was marriage that disrupted their relationship, Helen suggests they live apart but remain lovers. When Don discovers Helen is dating his business rival, playboy Nick Malvyn, he returns to Peggy, but in reality his heart belongs to his wife. Agreeing their love will help their marriage survive its problems, the two reconcile and settle into domestic bliss.
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