O. Henry's Full House (The Last Leaf) (1952)

Gregory Ratoff plays artist Behrman (The Last Leaf)
Behrman's Gallerist Boris:
"Maybe you are ahead of your time maybe 1950 they will recognise it for what it is, whatever it is. But my customer only like paintings they can recognise. All art must communicate, and yours doesn't say anything to anybody who comes in here"

"What you have got on your walls, a camera can do much better no comparison"
"I'm making so much noise but you see, when I paint I get so mad with myself that I forget myself"
Behrman's last work of art

Jean Peters plays artist Susan Goodwin (The Last Leaf)

O. Henry's Full House (The Last Leaf) on IMDB

an anthology film, consisting of five separate stories by O. Henry. In "The Last Leaf" an artist (Jean Peters as Susan Goodwin) is nursing her sister who is on her death bed with pneumonia. She is given hope by their neighbour a kindly eccentric artist called Behrman

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