Ex-Lady (1933)

Bette Davis plays artist Helen Bauer

Ex-Lady on IMDB

Helen Bauer, a glamorous, successful, headstrong, and very liberated New York graphic artist with modern ideas about romance, is involved with Don Peterson but doesn't want to sacrifice her independence by entering into matrimony. The two agree to wed only to pacify Helen's conventional immigrant father Adolphe, whose Old World views spur him to condemn their affair. They form a business partnership, but financial problems at their advertising agency put a strain on the marriage and Don begins seeing Peggy Smith, one of his married clients. Convinced it was marriage that disrupted their relationship, Helen suggests they live apart but remain lovers. When Don discovers Helen is dating his business rival, playboy Nick Malvyn, he returns to Peggy, but in reality his heart belongs to his wife. Agreeing their love will help their marriage survive its problems, the two reconcile and settle into domestic bliss.
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