Eastern Plays (2009)

Christo Christov plays artist Itso

Eastern Plays on IMDB

Eastern Plays is the story of two alienated brothers, Hristo or Itso (Hristo Hristov), an artist woodcarver who is struggling with his methadone addiction, and Georgi (Ovanes Torosyan), a high school student who is dragged into a neo-Nazi gang. The central point of the film is an ethnically-motivated attack by Georgi's neo-Nazi gang on a Turkish family from Istanbul, who are spending the night in Sofia en route to Germany. While Georgi initially participates in the beating, he is frightened and runs away. Itso, who had seen the family at a restaurant while he dined with his now-ex-girlfriend Niki (Nikolina Yancheva), ends up intervening and saving the family, including the beautiful daughter Işıl (Saadet Işıl Aksoy). In his developing feelings for Işıl, Itso sees hope of a positive change in his destiny, while Georgi's actions and his brother's help make him question his philosophy and reconsider his outlook on life.

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