The Slayer (1982)

Sarah Kendall plays artist Kay

The Slayer on IMDB

'Siblings, Eric (Frederick Flynn) & his surreal abstract artist sister Kay (Sarah Kendall), her doctor husband David (Alan McRae), her sister-in-law Brooke (Carol Kottenbrook) along with pilot Marsh (Michael Holmes) become stranded on a rugged isle. For thirty-something Kay her current situation is her worst fears realised, for she's been troubled since her childhood by recurring prophetic nightmares in which she is stalked and slain in a burning room by figure known as The Slayer. Now it seems this place may be in fact its dwelling and she's sure somehow that this so-called entity is lurking close by, biding its time until nightfull, where it will be drawn to Kay who (for whatever reason) dreams of its killings. But, then again, what's real or make believe? Not everything is what it seems in this place.'
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