Catchfire (1990)

Jodie Foster plays artist Anne Benton
Dean Stockwell as John Luponi with the artist Anne Benton's work on his desk


'Conceptual artist Anne Benton (Jodie Foster) creates electronic pieces that flash glib but superficially significant statements, and her work has begun to attract major media attention.
Driving home one night, Anne suffers a blowout on a deserted road and, while looking for help, witnesses a mafia hit supervised by Leo Carelli (Joe Pesci). Leo spots Anne, but she escapes and goes to the police.
They offer her a place in the federal witness protection program, but mob boss Lino Avoca (Vincent Price), Carelli's boss, sends top-of-the-line hitman Milo (Dennis Hopper) and his partner Pinella (John Turturro) to silence her. Pinella kills her boyfriend Bob (Charlie Sheen), but she escapes.
Months pass; Anne has severed all ties with her past and re-established herself in Seattle as an advertising copywriter. Milo, who never gives up, recognizes the text of a lipstick ad as one of Anne's catchphrases, and tracks her down.
She flees again, to New Mexico, and he finds her again. But this time he offers her a deal: he'll let her live, if she'll do anything and everything he asks.'
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