Morgan: A Suitable Case for Treatment (1966)

David Warner plays artist Morgan Delt

Morgan on IMDB

'Morgan Delt is an artist from a working class background, married to Leonie, a woman far above him in social standing. Given to a rich fantasy life to begin with, Morgan goes off the mental deep end when Leonie informs him that she is asking for a divorce and taking up with art dealer Charles Napier (Stephens), a man more befitting her class. Thoroughly gone around the bend, Morgan enacts a series of bizarre gags and stunts in a campaign to win Leonie back, including putting a skeleton in her bed and crashing her wedding dressed as a gorilla (the film segues into brief extracts from the original King Kong film). His antics get Morgan arrested and committed to an insane asylum, where he embraces his mother's ardent communist beliefs.'
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  1. Thanks for this site, and I love the movie MORGAN. Saw it first run in NYC back in the day, and it was what I was thinking and feeling, even if I was a hippie underground artist and the acts and impulses were different, the self was so similar. Artist, outsider, wacko, fantasy life and all.
    Great film, sad it's so un-well known.
    But it's on the web, so life is good.
    David Warner, Vanessa Redgrave, beauty and the beast.

    Well, I look forward to your other entries. Best wishes for the new year and so on.

    Den NC USA Jan022010