The Good Mother (1988)

Liam Neeson plays artist Leo Cutter

The Good Mother on IMDB

'The novel and the film are about a divorced mother named Anna Dunlap who had lived a life lacking passion. Following her divorce from her ex-husband Brian, Anna starts dating an artist named Leo Cutter who introduces passion into Anna's life. A few months after Anna and Leo started dating, Brian challenges for custody of their daughter Molly, because Molly told him that Leo let her touch his genitals. When confronted Leo admitted that when he and Molly were alone he once allowed Molly to touch his penis. But, he said, he only allowed it because Anna had been raising Molly with an open attitude towards sex, and he didn't want to scare her or weird her out. He added that he thought that is what Anna would have wanted him to do. Anna's legal difficulties become compounded when, in the course of the questioning, it is learned that Molly, who was awoken by a nightmare, once climbed into bed with Anna and Leo, and, after Molly had fallen asleep, Anna and Leo resumed having sex.'
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