Prime (2005)

Bryan Greenberg plays artist David Bloomberg

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The film is a character comedy set in New York City. Rafi (Uma Thurman) is a recently divorced, 37-year-old career woman from Manhattan. David (Bryan Greenberg), a talented 23-year-old Jewish painter from the Upper West Side, falls in love with her. Rafi shares all her secrets with her therapist Lisa (Meryl Streep). Unbeknownst to Rafi, Lisa happens to be David's mother.

Following the relationship of this unlikely couple, the story touches upon the difficulties of marriage and partnerships. It explores the possibility that love is not enough to make a relationship work and becomes a philosophical display of emotion and comedy.

The mother, naturally, realizes the ethical and moral dilemma this poses her, she consults her own therapist. It is decided that she should continue the treatment and do what is best for her patient, as long as it is only a fling, which all signs do indicate of it being.

However, after several graphic therapy sessions, the relationship appears to be serious, and so Lisa has to tell Rafi that she is the mother of her new boyfriend. Rafi and David, however, break up at one point when the couple argue after Rafi finds David had brought a friend over and in a panic at Rafi's earlier than expected arrival, had immaturely hidden him in the closet. A couple weeks later, David is enjoying a night on the town with his best friend; he gets drunk, and ends up sleeping with Sue, Rafi's friend from work.

David and Rafi start seeing each other again the same day, after coincidentally bumping into each other in the supermarket, and going back to David's place. They also try to make the relationship stronger by both going to the Friday night dinner at Lisa's apartment. The rift between Rafi and David's mother is patched up, although Rafi brings up the possibility of kids, which Lisa strongly reacts to. A few days later, Sue discusses the situation with David with a friend of hers at work, and realizes that David and Rafi got back together. Her friend just says 'Don't say a word' as Rafi comes in and overhears it. David and Rafi have a large fallout. After sulking for some time, David goes to seek Lisa's help as both his mother and as a therapist. She advises him to do what he can to keep the relationship, because it was through Rafi that Lisa was able to understand David's career as an artist. David goes back to Rafi to apologize and offer to give her a child because that is what she wants the most. Rafi realizes how deep David's love must be in order to make such a sacrifice on his part. Ultimately, they both realize that love is not enough to keep a relationship and they break up.

A year later, David with his friend walking out of a restaurant. A while later, he realizes he forgets his hat and goes back to the restaurant, where we recognize it as the first restaurant they had a proper date. He spots her but she doesn't see him so he rushes out the door, and hides. He defrosts the glass a bit to watch her and she turns around and just sees him. They share a smile before parting ways.
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