Rafter Romance (1933)

Norman Foster plays artist Jack Bacon

Rafter Romance on IMDB

'Mary Carroll is a young woman from upstate who came to New York to find a job and a career, but whose money has almost run out. Jack Bacon is an aspiring artist who lives in the same Greenwich Village building as her, in the attic loft, who is also months behind on his rent, and works as a night watchman to make ends meet. Their landlord, Max Eckbaum, a good-natured soul, nevertheless has expenses to meet, and could have rented Mary's apartment to a paying tenant several times over. He comes up with a solution, to move Mary into Jack's loft, and have them share the apartment on a shift basis. They would never see each other or know who the other is, since Jack is out all night and sleeps during the day, and Mary soon takes a job selling refrigerators by telephone, which keeps her out all day.'
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