Boomerang (1992)

Halle Berry plays the artist Angela Lewis

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The film begins as Marcus Graham (Eddie Murphy) enters Chantress, the company that he works for as an advertisement executive. It is quickly established that he is quite the ladies' man, as he tells his assistant to send flowers to nine different women, with cards reading "only thinking of you." When he enters his office, Nelson (Geoffrey Holder), one of the creative minds also in Marcus' department, shows Marcus a re-cut he's done of one of the ads they've been working on. Marcus tells Nelson, who's very creative but also very risqué and overtly sexual with his style, that he must re-edit the ad, as some of the material may be offensive to women. Nelson reluctantly agrees, then leaves.
The next day, Marcus meets Lady Eloise (Eartha Kitt), the head of the company which will soon be acquiring Chantress in a business merger. She suggests that Marcus may be promoted to head of the marketing department, and invites him to her home for dinner that evening. Marcus realizes she intends to have her way with him, and thinking of the promotion, goes through with it and spends the night with her. The next day at work, he meets Jacqueline Broyer (Robin Givens), a beautiful woman who he realizes is going to be given the job he wanted, and will soon become his boss. At the party being held for the companies' merger, Marcus tells his friends Tyler (Martin Lawrence) and Gerard (David Alan Grier) he's thinking about resigning since he's not going to be promoted. While there, Jacqueline introduces him to Angela Lewis (Halle Berry), who works in the art department, and tells him the two of them should be working together. Also, everyone in the party is introduced to Strangé (Grace Jones), the wild fashion diva who's been chosen as the new face of Lady Eloise Cosmetics. While looking for Jacqueline, Marcus bumps into Angela, and when he spots Jacqueline, introduces Angela to Gerard so that he can go and catch up with her. When he attempts to woo Jacqueline, she tells him she doesn't date co-workers. Marcus however still believes he will be made the exception because of her flirtatious nature towards him.
Some time later at the office, Jacqueline tells Marcus they should go over some of their work together, and Marcus suggests they do it at his place over dinner, to which Jacqueline agrees. Marcus also finds out that Angela and Gerard will be going out that night. Both couples meet that evening, and ironically, Gerard, who's not as successful with women as Marcus, ends up having the better evening with Angela, while Jacqueline and Marcus eat dinner in front of the TV, which doesn't leave much time for the two to establish any sort of chemistry. Later, the two are sent on a business trip in New Orleans, and they eventually have sex while there.
Marcus, who assumes that he and Jacqueline are now a couple, is rather shocked to find that Jacqueline feels they should take it slowly, and isn't as enthusiastic about their relationship as he. While he feels he's falling in love, he doesn't understand how she can be so careless and inconsiderate about his feelings. After Marcus finds out that Jacqueline has told some of their personal business to Strangé, he tells her that the two of them should take a break for a while. Jacqueline gets the last word however, when she bluntly tells Marcus "it's over." Distraught about their breakup, Marcus' work ethic begins to lag, and after he ruins a major business proposal, Jacqueline decides rather than fire him, she'll give him a few weeks off work to get himself together.
During this time, Marcus begins to hang out with Angela, who tries to help bring him out of the funk he's in. On Thanksgiving, Marcus, Angela, Tyler, Gerard and his parents get together for dinner. While eating, Angela and Gerard tell his parents that they aren't a couple, when his father assumes that the two are. When everyone else leaves, Marcus and Angela clean up, and fall asleep on the couch together. When they wake up, the two begin to make out, and assumedly sleep together. While out with Gerard and Tyler, Marcus tells Gerard that he and Angela are going out together, which upsets Gerard, knowing Marcus' past with women.
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