Paperhouse (1988)

Charlotte Burke plays artist Anna Madden

Anna's original drawing of the house

We see that Anna was drawing the picture of the house in class at school

 Anna is sent out of class for arguing with another girl over her drawing book

 She faints in the hallway and whilst she is unconscious she sees the house she has drawn

 The empty house from the dream

 Her doctor comes to visit as she has a high fever, she is told to rest in bed until she is well, Anna is very unhappy about staying in bed. The doctor tells her she has another patient who is a boy who is so ill he never gets to leave bed, Anna says she would rather die than be bedridden

 Whilst in bed Anna draws a person to visit in the house she has drawn

 The face she draws comes out unhappy, she tries to erase the sad mouth but it won't work

 She falls asleep and again visits the house she has drawn

 The face she has drawn in the window is a boy who cannot answer the door as there are no stairs in the house

 Anna wakes with a high fever and draws the inside of the house with stairs

 Anna on her bedroom floor with a fever drawing stairs for the house

 The stairs

 Anna falls asleep and goes back to the house in her dream, this time she can go inside and upstairs 

 She visits the boy in the room, he tells her his name is Marc and that he cannot walk. Anna says this is because she drew him without legs

 When she next wakes up she adds lots of nice things for Marc to use in the house. Including an ice-cream machine, a computer and books
 She draws oranges on the tree for Marc to eat

 Anna drawing in bed

 She draws hills that lead to the sea and a lighthouse

 She draws Marc on the stairs, but this time with legs

 When she falls asleep she visits the paperhouse again

 When she opens the door the legs she has drawn for Marc are on the stairs

 She tries the ice-cream machine and realises she hasn't drawn any cones

 She goes upstairs to visit Marc, he is trying to fix the computer she has drawn for him. She says that if her dad was here he would save them from this paper house

 When she wakes up she draws a picture of her dad but again the mouth comes out wrong and he looks angry. She tries to erase the picture but that doesn't work

 She scribbles out the picture of her dad in frustration 

 Then she scribbles out the picture of Marc at the window

 She scrunches up the drawing and throws it in the bin

 When her mum cleans her room she throws the scrunched up paper in the rubbish bin
 The scrunched picture
 Now when she visits everything in the house is broken and dirty

 Plus her dad has now come into her dream and is angry as she scribbled out his eyes in her drawing so he cannot see, he chases her with a hammer

 Marc guides her to pick up the drawing in her sleep and rip off the part of the drawing with her dad on it.
 She wakes in hospital and asks for her drawing book, she redraws the house with lots of nice things for Marc

 Anna Drawing in her hospital bed

 This time she draws a pencil on the drawing incase they need anything else whilst they are in the dream world

 Marc uses this pencil to make a drawing which Anna finds

Paperhouse on IMDB

While suffering from glandular fever, 11-year-old Anna Madden draws a house. When she falls asleep, she has disturbing dreams in which she finds herself inside the house she has drawn. After she draws a face at the window, in her next dream she finds a disabled boy named Marc living in the house. She learns from her doctor that Marc is a real person.
Anna sketches her father into the drawing so that he can help carry Marc away, but she inadvertently gives him an angry expression which she then crosses out, and the father (who has been away a lot and has a drinking problem, putting a strain on his marriage) appears in the dream as a furious, blinded ogre. Anna and Marc defeat the monster and shortly afterward Anna recovers, although the doctor reveals that Marc's condition is deteriorating.
Anna's father returns home and both parents seem determined to get over their marital difficulties. The family goes on holiday by the sea, where Anna finds an epilogue to her dream.
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