Laugh and Get Rich (1931)

George Davis plays the artist Mr. Vincentini

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Mr Vincentini looks unimpressed as he is teased at the breakfast table about his paintings of cows
Mr Vincentini's landlord visits him in his studio room and admires his cow painting
Mr Vincentini's landlord likes the cow painting and agrees to sell a couple of painting for Mr Vincentini 
Mr Vincentini's landlord shows the paintings of cows to a shop owner 
Mr Vincentini's cow paintings
the shop owner agrees to frame the paintings and put them in his window

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Sarah Austin runs a boarding house during the Depression, always on the verge of bankruptcy. Her husband, Joe is a shiftless person who has never understood the concept of work; he is constantly involving them in get rich quick schemes. Mr Vincentini is a lodger in the boarding house, who has trouble selling any of his paintings of cows. Their daughter, Alice has her eyes set on a young, poor inventor, Larry Owens , but her mother wishes she would become involved Bill Hepburn, seemingly from a well-connected family.
Sarah's illusions about Bill, however, are dashed when Bill kidnaps Joe, who he mistakenly believes is the local patriarch, Mr. Pennypacker. Shortly after this, Joe takes Sarah's life savings, which she thinks she has carefully hidden in a lamp, and invests it in one of his get-rich-quick schemes, this time an oil well, which he was conned into investing in by one of Sarah's boarders, Mr. Phelps . When Sarah discovers his treachery, she is furious, and to assuage her anger, Joe takes a job as a ditch digger. A job which lasts a single day. However, much to everyone's surprise, the oil well actually strikes oil. Believing that their ship has finally come in, Sarah and Joe go to Sarah's sister's, Cassie Palfrey, who lives in an upper-class estate on Long Island.
While there, the oil well runs dry, and their newfound wealth evaporates like the morning dew in the desert. However, all is not lost, as they find out that one of Joe's inventions, a tire valve, has actually been discovered by an investor, and they will be making over $50,000 per year off the invention, a veritable fortune in 1931. Mr Vincentini's cow paintings are also seen by the owner of a large national dairy company and he is able to support himself through painting cows for their advertising campaigns.
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