Devil's Pond (2003)

Tara Reid plays artist Julianne

Julianne sketches a picture from a magazine
Julianne sketches a picture from a magazine
Julianne sketching outside her holiday cabin by the lake
Julianne with her easel made from tree branches strapped together
Julianne's boat painting
Julianne in front of a wall of her sketches pinned up on the wall of the holiday cabin
The artist Julianne

Devil's Pond on IMDB

Devil's Pond (alternatively known as Heaven's Pond) is a direct-to-video horror movie starring Kip Pardue and Tara Reid. It is about two newlyweds, where the husband (Mitch) seems ideal until he begins perpetrating domestic violence and exhibiting other cruel behaviors. He is fed up with all the ugliness in the world, and so he isolates his new wife (Julianne) from the world. He controls every detail of their lives in order to make things turn out the way he wants them, and continually hits her when she tries to oppose him, get away, or even talk to him about their situation. She doesn't stand for this abuse and continually tries to escape. He is keeping the two of them in a secret place on an island in the middle of a secluded lake. He knows that she cannot swim, and is scared of the water. One time, she gets too close to getting away, and almost escapes before 'Mitch' finds her. He then chains her to anchors and other things around the island to make it impossible for her to escape. One day, she lights all their matches on fire, so he is forced to go into town to buy new ones. While he is gone, she gets an axe and breaks free from the chain. He comes back unexpectedly early, and she is almost discovered in her act of escape. He finds her and starts beating her the hardest he has ever done. Throwing her around, pushing her on the ground, hurling objects at her face, and all the while, she is screaming. Finally, she gets a hold of a gun and shoots him. He is not dead, but immobile. She gives him a couple of last words before leaving him to die. She leaves him laying there alone, the gun within reach. A shot is later heard indicating he killed himself. Overcoming her fear of water, she swims across the pond to the other side and walks away down the road to an unknown fate, but free.
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