Cocktail (1988)

Elisabeth Shue plays artist Jordan Mooney

Tom Cruise knocks over a sculpture in fight at a gallery

Cocktail on IMDB

'Tom Cruise plays Flanagan who, taking advice from his former girlfriend, takes a job in Jamaica as a bartender to raise money for his own place; far away from the hustle, bustle and poetic yuppies of Manhattan. He finds a romantic partner in Jordan Mooney (Elisabeth Shue). Jordan is an aspiring artist from New York who, for now, works as a waitress. She and Brian fall for each other. Doug shows up in Jamaica, now married to Kerry, a wealthy woman (Kelly Lynch), who openly flirts with other men. He quickly asserts himself and bets Brian to sleep with a barfly named Bonnie (Lisa Banes), a wealthy older woman. Jordan catches Brian in the act and is devastated. She takes an overnight plane home to New York City.'
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