Vargtimmen aka Hour of The Wolf (1968)

Max von Sydow plays artist Johan Borg

Vargtimmen on IMDB

'Johan Borg (von Sydow) is a painter who is haunted by what seem to be demons. He only tells his wife Alma (Ullman) about them, and his fear make him unable to sleep. He and Alma stay up during parts of the night, especially "The Hour of the Wolf", during which, it is said, most people either are born or die. In other scenes, we are shown examples of Borg's bizarre behaviour, which lead the viewer to question Borg's sanity.

Borg has given names to some of his demons, like "the birdman" or "the lady with the hat". He is approached by a baron, von Merkens (Josephson), who lives in a nearby castle. The painter and his wife Alma visit them and their strange household, but it is not clear whether or not they actually exist.'
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